Peg’s Picks – July 12, 2017

me and mom

My mother (fan favorite Peggy Lee) recently retired and has a lot more time on her hands to listen to podcasts, so I’ve decided to curate a list of three specific episodes per week for her a listen to with a brief description to accompany them.  This is specifically made with her in mind, however, feel free to listen through I’m sure there will be interesting content for everyone, especially new listeners of podcasts.  Links are provided below for convenience however, you can also find these shows and episodes anywhere you consume podcasts.

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is called Radiolab.  Radiolab is a science-based podcast on WNYC network. You could assume that every show they do might be out of the depth of knowledge of the average listener, but they have an outstanding knack for making technical subjects conversational for non-technical people.  They have also done some of the most compelling shows on non-science topics that I’ve ever heard in podcasting. Today, I am going to recommend two episodes from their recent feed:

The first episode is called:


Nukes addressing the question many of us have been thinking since January 20th, 2017.  That question being, how exactly does executing a nuclear strike work and are there checks and balances on a Commander in Chief with a questionable temperament.

The second episode recommendation from Radiolab is called:

Radiolab Extra:  Henrietta Lacks

I think a subtitle for this episode can be called “Literal Black girl magic”.  This episode dives deeper into Henriette Lacks unexpected contribution to science and how that affected her descendants as well as the world around you.

My last recommendation comes from a show called Criminal, which is a podcast on the Radiotopia podcast network.  This is a crime centric podcast that covers criminals, crimes, and those who are crime adjacent to include those who enforces and prosecute the laws.The episode is called:

The episode is called:

Episode 69:  Becoming Chief Brown

It covers the rise of a black police chief in Dallas TX and his relationship with his community as well as his job and how that intersected with his blackness.  It’s a very interesting look at policing and blackness when both have been very hot button issues recently.

Feel free to find me on Twitter or Instagram (@ohitsbigron) and let me know what you think of these recommendations, and check out the podcasts on the ohitsbigron studios network here, and here.