Peg’s Picks – July 19, 2017

me and mom

My mother (fan favorite Peggy Lee) recently retired and has a lot more time on her hands to listen to podcasts, so I’ve decided to curate a list of three specific episodes per week for her a listen to with a brief description to accompany them.  This is specifically made with her in mind, however, feel free to listen through I’m sure there will be interesting content for everyone, especially new listeners of podcasts.  Links are provided below for convenience however, you can also find these shows and episodes anywhere you consume podcasts.

Last Week I recommended two shows from Radiolab and since I’m catching up on episodes I’ve missed I’m back this week with one more episode.  A recap for what exactly Radiolab is covered here in last week’s post

This episode is called:

Null and Void

Null and Void talks about something called jury nullification.  It covers a few unusual cases that shape how the US expectation of the court system works as well as specific about the role of the jury.  I can’t say much more without giving too much away, but this episode was very intriguing to think about.

My next recommendation is from “Code Switch” which is an NPR podcast that covers race and identity.  They have covered topics such as the Asian American community and their views on the Black Lives Matter movement as well as “the explanatory comma” or the necessity (or not) to explain your culture to those outside of it.

This episode is called:

What’s so wrong with African Americans Wearing African Clothes?

This episode hinges on a discussion had on another podcast called “The Stoop” in which one of the contributors claimed that African Americans wearing African clothes was a form of cultural appropriation.  This was not an easy discussion and I found myself yelling at my radio at times.  You will definitely have an opinion on this one and possibly a wider opinion on the subject of cultural appropriation based on this episode.

My final recommendation comes from a Gimlet Podcast entitled ‘Reply All’.  ‘Reply All’ is billed as “a show about the internet”.  However limiting that line sounds, you would be surprised (or not) about how many stories there are on and about the world wide web.

This episode is called:

Black Hole, New Jersey

Black Hole, New Jersey is about a mysterious address in New Jersey that may or may not be fencing stolen merchandise purchased from the internet.  This episode is interesting because it reveals a peek into shipping crime as I call it.  Or the ability for things ordered from the internet and then shipped to disappear.

Feel free to find me on Twitter or Instagram (@ohitsbigron) and let me know what you think of these recommendations, and check out the podcasts on the ohitsbigron studios network here, and here.