The Netflix Chronicles: 13th


There is a documentary on Netflix by Ava DuVernay about the shift from slavery to prison for black folks in the United States called ’13th’.  I am not going to rate this film but rather just mention a few reflections from watching the film.

A few words on 13th:

1. The history of black people in this country continues to have the ability to be traced directly back to slavery.

2.  The inability of people to admit that the history of this country and the thought processes of both white and black people perpetuates an issue commonly thought as “solved” or to have “ended”

3.  This country still profits off of slave labor, but the slaves are now classified as criminals, which makes it easier for most folks to stomach.

4.  Criminal, nigger, slave, and black person for the most part are pretty much synonymous.

5.  As long as it is profitable for black folks to remain in prison, policies will be implemented to keep them there.

6.  Kalief Browder is one of the most important martyrs of our age, and I never heard of him before this movie.

7.  Being released from prison, does not actually release you, from prison.

I encourage everyone to watch this documentary.  It was extremely informative.

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