The Netflix Chronicles (The Interview)

The Interview

2 of 5 stars

So after much controversy The Interview was released on various digital outlets instead of in theaters as anticipated.  Many rented the movie as an act of American defiance, thinking that watching this movie really stuck it to those pesky North Koreans.  However I am positive I will not be the first to tell you that this movie while is not the bomb everyone professes it to be, was not worth any of the controversy it produced.

As a self professed movie buff I must admit a couple of things before continuing with this review.

1)  I have seen more than my fair share of James Franco/Seth Rogen films.

2)  That includes both “Pineapple Express”, and “This is the End”.

That being said if you place Rogen/Franco films on a spectrum from the lowest to highest (left to right) you would place This is the End on the far left, and Pineapple Express on the far right.  Again this is not to say that Pineapple Express is a great movie, however hopefully this gives you an accurate idea of the range of Rogen/Franco. (Also Rogen and Franco are quickly becoming a high budget version of Cheech and Chong which is completely to say they make a certain type of film that may not be for everyone.)

Now with that established, The Interview falls on the left half of the Rogen/Franco spectrum but in my humble opinion not nearly as bad as “This is the End”.  That is not saying much though.

I am still currently watching the film and while they are conducting the interview that the film is aptly named for Seth Rogen gets in a fight in the producer’s booth with the North Korean camera crew in which he gets two of fingers grotesquely bitten off. This about sums up the movie. It is an absurd puff piece of film-making that is not worth anyone getting upset over.

This was by no means worth one bit of the controversy that ensued either from the media frenzy that was a by product of the perceived disrespect toward North Korea. However I laughed out loud several times so I can’t say it was a complete waste. It’s on Netflix and it’s called The Interview.

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