Netflix Chronicles (The One I Love)

The One I Love

4 of 5 stars

The One I Love

Every now and then between watching Hulu and Netflix i stumble across something that i never would have watched otherwise. Occasionally on Hulu I will watch a bunch of trailers just to see what is on the horizon and get a feel for some things i want to see, and more often pre-judge everything I will not see.

That being said,I stumbled across this trailer for the One I Love which made nearly no sense. Then I read a synopsis online where a “big twist” was revealed. Of course i had to then find another synopsis that actually revealed the twist. At the time I did not see how that would make a good movie, based on what i found in the second synopsis. Long story short, I noticed it on Netflix and decided to give it a shot.

It was very good. Now a bit of a disclaimer, there is a big twist you find early on in the film that the rest of the film is then based on. If you are anything like me, you are going to expect them to explain said twist at the end. They don’t. So just sit back and enjoy the movie. Again, they’re not going to explain the “thing” that they reveal in the movie. So knowing this, you should be free from letting that dictate how you view this movie. Focus on what the characters are doing and how they interact with each other. This is more important than the why.

Elizabeth Moss was really engaging and relate able. Mark Duplass is not Pete from “The League”, which impressed me because this is a pretty dramatic role and he did well. This is director Charlie McDowell’s and writer Justin Lader’s first movie, and while not super ambitious still excellent execution. This movie by nature should have been something I did not like, but at the end I was drawn all the way in and kind of want to watch it again.

I would give it five stars, but like i said they didn’t explain the elephant in the room (the twist) and that bothered me a bit. However the movie was good enough that I was willing to forgive that decision.

This is a good one to watch with a significant other, for a nice night in. It’s on Netflix and it is called “The One I Love”.

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