A Few Words about Selma…

It was a good movie. However i hope that when people see it they notice the blatant parallels between then and now.

  1. White people marched with black people plenty of times during the civil rights movement, so the diverse protesting you see today is nothing new. (this fact was not new to me, but worth mentioning again)
  2. They wanted voting rights in Selma Alabama at that time. So it was not an abstract march, their wants were pretty specific, and easily attained through the right legislation.
  3. Protesting is SUPPOSED to be disruptive. It is supposed to clog up roads and stop traffic and in general be inconvenient. If it is not, then it is likely not going to be effective. The idea behind it is forcing action. That was the case then and is the case now. (to be clear this is protesting, and not rioting, no one should advocate rioting or violence)
  4. The confederate flag was used as a symbol of intimidation to black people back then (in the 60s). The origins of the flag are racist, and if you fly it today regardless of your intent, it is offensive to black people.
  5. National Leadership is not necessarily responsible for organizing the local movements. Typically by the time MLK got to an area, the ground work was laid, and he was moving it along. (this is why grassroots organization is important)
  6. Law Enforcement was used as a weapon of the government to disenfranchise black people in all facets of society. (this is the root of why black people do not trust the police in general.)

Systemic racism is the problem. I know this is a bit Captain Obvious, however I truly do not think people understand systemic racism and why minorities do not believe that the “system” works for them.

Go see Selma.

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